We always focus on the quality of education, that's why we are very particular in the selection of the faculty members. Our present faculty team includes very talented and qualified educationists. The list of faculty members along with their designation, qualification etc. is given below:

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S.N. Name Designation Qualification Subject
1. Dr. Umakant Pandey Principal M.A., Phd. Sanskrit
2. Dr. Chanda Pandey Lecturer M.A., Phd. Sanskrit
3. Ms. Sonia Singh Lecturer M.A., NET Sanskrit
4. Dr. Ishwar Chandra Pandey Lecturer M.A., Phd. Sanskrit
5. Dr. Sunil Kumar Dubey Lecturer M.A., Phd. Sociology
6. Dr. Piyush Kumar Pandey Lecturer M.A., Phd. Political Science
7. Dr. Prem Prakash Lecturer M.A., Phd. History
8. Dr. Ashish Kumar Singh Lecturer M.A., Phd. Education
9. Mr. Satish Kumar Prajapati Lecturer M.A., M.Phil English
10. Mr. Vinod Bahadur Singh Lecturer M.A., NET Political Science
11. Ms. Abha Srivastava Lecturer M.A., NET Sociology
12. Dr. Diwakar Singh Lecturer M.A., Phd. Hindi
13. Mrs. Usha Singh Lecturer M.A., M.Ed. Education
14. Mr. Refaque Ahmad Lecturer M.A., SLET History
15 Mr. Raj Pratap Singh Lecturer M.A., M.Phil., NET History
16. Dr. Vimal Chandra Shukla Lecturer M.A., Phd. History
17. Mr. Nagendra Pratap Singh Lecturer M.A., NET Hindi